Thursday, September 10, 2009

Triple Bogey

It's about time we spotlighted one of the coolest brands in Canada. Triple Bogey mixes street style fashion with golf inspired apparel. Undoubtedly one of the most original companies out there, they also bring a "masonesque" feeling of brotherhood and camaraderie to golfing that has seemed to have been lost lately.
Golf wasn’t always about improving your game. When it was first played, golf was about camaraderie between gentlemen. It was a man’s game played by members of clubs. It’s rules changed in the darkness of secret meetings for reasons unknown. Being a golfer back then wasn’t about the grandiose goal of breaking one hundred. It was about being part of something. A fraternity of skilled merchants and professionals who helped each other achieve their goals. A form of business pact, created while playing the game of golf.

Triple Bogey embraces this ideology of the game. Golf is about you and the company you keep. It’s not about some company’s equipment and their false promises of improvement. It’s about the men who sacrifice everything to get up at the earliest hour to play an ancient game, on a sculpted battlefield.

You are one of those golfers. You may not have the best clubs or equipment in your bag, but you make do, and you play. Always moving forward. Always coming closer…

They recently released their 2010 catalogue. Below are my favorite pieces.

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