Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Spring 2010 Press

Big thanks to Jason at Swag Syndicate for once again helping us out.
SwagS Spring 10

This is the third time The Hundreds Feed has shown our newest line but every time they do it's exciting. We gotta thank Derekstars over at The Hundreds once again for a great post.
TH Feed Spring 10

Friday, March 19, 2010

Classic Skate Videos: Mike York - Mouse

Hands down, one of the best Skateboard videos ever!

Do yourself a favor, go watch the full video.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Samhain - Archangel

Samhain is possibly the best thing that Glenn Danzig has ever done. Don't get me wrong, I still love everything he did with The Misfits and as Danzig, but something about Samhain was so much more raw and powerful. Do yourself a favor and find some more Samhain songs.


Heaven sends me here to you
And if a-you fear you've reason to
Open up all seven seals
The beast is come to claim the youth

Defiant brood
Defiant brood
I call on you

Casted down my bretheren
Rebels from authority
Power, pride, contempt and lust
All these things I give to you

Defiant brood
Defiant brood
I call on you

I am not your son of God
The prince of light will show no fear
Mine is that which rules this world
The beast is come, I am the end


And when they cast out the brood
For the sin of pride misused
And when they cast down to Hell
Fucking brood


Heaven sends me here to you
And if a-you fear you've reason to
Open up all seven seals
The beast is come to claim the youth



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This Song: For The True And Passionate Lovers Of Music

Half week hardcore is taking on a new form starting today. Instead of posting x amount of videos I'm just going to pick one song a week and give you the lyrics to go along with it. Sometimes I forget how much I like reading the lyrics along with a song. I'm hoping that this will not only keep you, the readers, more interested, but also give me something more to search for every week.

Shai Hulud - This Song: For The True And Passionate Lovers Of Music
this song:
i have this song: to sing
certain words must be screamed
rather than be sung or spoken:

i am alive and vigorous... they toil without love.
fight without purpose,
and live without passion...

i am alive and vigorous.

in this song: is where i belong.

within these moments
there are no outsiders.
within the body of the song:
time stands still.
one is all,
and all is beautiful -
the beautiful moment of song and passion.

we will all sing.
we will all dance.

if a human's nature is to war,
this song:
is a battleground,
and this voice,
a weapon
one thousand voices -
or trumpet call
to arms.

passion's promise;
true love's reward -
a pure expression
in truth and sincerity.

passion's promise:
true love's reward, is this song:

what will become of this song:...

pray not a fallen banner,
or screamed words to the deaf,
for life is weary without song, or sound of harps.

this is a song for the impassioned.
this is strength for the hearts on sleeves -
a shining sentiment where voices soar
and melody wells tears in the eyes.

we will all sing the same song,
this song,

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Today was kind of a boring sunday for us at Single Second. The highlight of our day was dropping off some spring tees at Momentum Marketplace here in Saskatoon. On that note, if you're reading this and you're in Saskatoon, go see them to get our newest stuff, you should also pick up one of their hats made by Quintin like I did. Here's a few shots I took throughout the day. If you look close, you can find a little preview of some upcoming designs.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wing World

Today we finally tried out a new wing place in our neighbourhood. It's called Wing World. I had heard good things about the place and to be honest, they're wings, how could they be bad? They have a LOT of different flavours, but we all kept it pretty simple.
I got Buffalo.
Kim got Honey Garlic.
Trevor went a different route and tried the boneless ribs. But I would have to say his tasted the best, Chili Lime.
The wings/ribs were exceptional. My only problem was that they forgot to give us our fries. I'll have to try a few more flavours before I can decide whether or not this place becomes one of my favourite wings joints or not.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Garbage Pail Kids

Me and Trevor grew up with Garbage Pail Kids. They were pretty much the best thing our mom could bring us back from the store. They may have been our first introduction to comically gory art. It's too bad we don't still have all the cards. I even have the movie from 1987 on DVD, it's definitely worth a watch if you've never seen.

Just yesterday I was browsing around on tumblr and saw a few Garbage Pail Kids cards and thought I'd look up one for my own name. What I found was nothing less than mind blowing.

Could it be? Is it somehow possible that the card for both my name and my brothers name is the same fucking card?

In my search I did find one more for myself and three for Trevor. My other one sucks, but Trevor's are awesome.

If you're still not convinced that Garbage Pail Kids rule and that you should see the movie, here's the trailer to further convince you. I think you can even watch it all on youtube, you weren't going to work today anyways.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thrash On Thursday

Does that name suck? Leave a comment with your opinion, seriously, do it.

I have the regular Half Week Hardcore post, and I don't plan on stopping that one. And sometimes I post metal songs even though they don't apply. So now I'm going to start Thrash On Thursdays. The title doesn't mean I'll only pick thrash metal songs, anything that I would define as metal will be chosen.

Posting youtube videos of songs is kind of a dual purpose for us. For one, you get to listen to some of the songs we've been listening to while working on all things associated with Single Second. For two (is that right?), you might find a new band that you haven't heard before. I/we fully endorse buying music, if we can help some of our favorite artists get new fans and possibly sell some records, awesome. I know what you're thinking, bring on the metal already, that or you stopped reading a while ago because you don't like reading or you don't like metal.

Thanks to Steven (@wilquelet) for putting me on to this.

Save Your Soul

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Half Week Hardcore

One Song. Listen and read the lyrics.
The realisation that I still don't know what I'm doing here,
Put in perspective I am nothing,
It feels like something has been wasted, and I am fading
Time is growing against me as I grow tired of being
Just another soul spent searching for something inside,
I hate my fucking guts, I hate desire, I hate lust,
I hate humanity, I hate instinctively, I hate this fucking world for fucking hating me

The chasm in my chest
Screams of resounding emptiness
I've never tasted this bitterness
I never felt this solitude, worthlessness

So what great vision is this to sail amongst the vast indifference?
Accept a trail to hollow senses, where only tragedy breaks the numbness
So what great epiphany, will spell out beneath my feet?
Chain my wrists, and admit defeat, imprisoned by 'the clarity'
So is this destiny, a doubtful life, feeling empty?
Worst of all to make me guilty, blindest of the blind, telling me to see
I might hate this world, I might hate myself
But I wont be a wasted soul, another ghost like everyone else.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Reference Council

I was an avid reader of The Black Lodges back when it was a collective blog. It was kind of sad to see it go, and I still wish I would have grabbed one of their t-shirts but at the time the price tag was too high. Anyways, a while back I randomly came across The Wild International and found that Steven was behind it. From that I had found a twitter account and was pointed to The Reference Council by Steven. Apparently I'd already been following them on twitter but I had no idea. I've been getting quite sick of "hype" blogs lately, it's all too apparent that most if not all of these blogs are just copy/pasting entries from bigger sites. Not the case with The Reference Council, pretty much the opposite actually. It's nice to go to a site and read about someones opinions on something, not just press release after press release. Steven's also done an incredible job of putting together really, really good feature articles. So it goes without saying that we were honored to have our Black Metal shirt from our spring line show up on the site. While "hype" blogs may overlook us, real people who see through the bullshit in "streetwear" can recognize what we're doing. Thanks Steven.

Wake The Dead

Words to live by.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Half Week Hardcore

RING-FUCKING-WORM!!!! I'm sorry, I know that's not your middle name.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Here is another very limited t-shirt from Truth of a liar, better get on this one, only 50 of these are being printed, 50!

So my man DROP hooked it up again, and this time I don’t have words. It’s like this dude is in my head. I just tell him and idea, and he creates it as if it was by my hand. The sign of a true artist. I am so lucky to have him as a friend and partner.

So with the worlds biggest rapper about to do some time in the slammer beginning next Tuesday, Truth of a Liar decided to show him a little love. The “FREEZY” is once again a very limited shirt release. I am officially taking pre-orders with the shirt to be available in a few weeks. When I say “limited”, I mean it. I am making 50 and thats it. These will sell out fast, DON’T sleep!!

Click here to get yours! and while you're there you might as well pick up a Black Metal Liar as well!

Words by Chris at Truth of a liar

Monday, March 1, 2010


@gravemakernwhc I got this stuff in the mail last week and just got around to taking some pictures tonight. I already had the Bury Me At Sea LP but this one's on clear gold vinyl, so of course I got it. Plus I've been aching for some new material and Home Is Where The Heartache Is sort of takes care of that, I say sort of because I've heard Vlad The Impaler and Sever Thy Head on the band's myspace. I'm more than psyched that the guys threw in the Sons Of Anarchy shirt and patch for me. Check out their online store for more awesome merch.

Single Second Spring 2010 Lookbook

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