Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Reference Council

I was an avid reader of The Black Lodges back when it was a collective blog. It was kind of sad to see it go, and I still wish I would have grabbed one of their t-shirts but at the time the price tag was too high. Anyways, a while back I randomly came across The Wild International and found that Steven was behind it. From that I had found a twitter account and was pointed to The Reference Council by Steven. Apparently I'd already been following them on twitter but I had no idea. I've been getting quite sick of "hype" blogs lately, it's all too apparent that most if not all of these blogs are just copy/pasting entries from bigger sites. Not the case with The Reference Council, pretty much the opposite actually. It's nice to go to a site and read about someones opinions on something, not just press release after press release. Steven's also done an incredible job of putting together really, really good feature articles. So it goes without saying that we were honored to have our Black Metal shirt from our spring line show up on the site. While "hype" blogs may overlook us, real people who see through the bullshit in "streetwear" can recognize what we're doing. Thanks Steven.

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