Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thrash On Thursday

Does that name suck? Leave a comment with your opinion, seriously, do it.

I have the regular Half Week Hardcore post, and I don't plan on stopping that one. And sometimes I post metal songs even though they don't apply. So now I'm going to start Thrash On Thursdays. The title doesn't mean I'll only pick thrash metal songs, anything that I would define as metal will be chosen.

Posting youtube videos of songs is kind of a dual purpose for us. For one, you get to listen to some of the songs we've been listening to while working on all things associated with Single Second. For two (is that right?), you might find a new band that you haven't heard before. I/we fully endorse buying music, if we can help some of our favorite artists get new fans and possibly sell some records, awesome. I know what you're thinking, bring on the metal already, that or you stopped reading a while ago because you don't like reading or you don't like metal.

Thanks to Steven (@wilquelet) for putting me on to this.


Anonymous said...

how about "thursday thrash"?

Munster said...

I might not even name these posts, they'll likely still be on Thursday and Wednesday. I'm switching up the way I do them, so titling them won't really be necessary.