Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Here is another very limited t-shirt from Truth of a liar, better get on this one, only 50 of these are being printed, 50!

So my man DROP hooked it up again, and this time I don’t have words. It’s like this dude is in my head. I just tell him and idea, and he creates it as if it was by my hand. The sign of a true artist. I am so lucky to have him as a friend and partner.

So with the worlds biggest rapper about to do some time in the slammer beginning next Tuesday, Truth of a Liar decided to show him a little love. The “FREEZY” is once again a very limited shirt release. I am officially taking pre-orders with the shirt to be available in a few weeks. When I say “limited”, I mean it. I am making 50 and thats it. These will sell out fast, DON’T sleep!!

Click here to get yours! and while you're there you might as well pick up a Black Metal Liar as well!

Words by Chris at Truth of a liar

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