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We're Canadian

If you're not from Canada you probably won't get the heritage moment references, I'll post them after this video along with another good proud Canadian song.

I couldn't find the national anthem one, so here's The Dayglo Abortions.

And because I feel like it, an inspirational piece by the same band. Well, inspirational to some.

My New Obsession

Yamaha XS650

I'll be buying one this summer hopefully. Thanks to for the pics.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Truth of a Black Metal Liar

Big thanks to Chris at Truth of a Liar for the "Black Metal Liar" shirt, which is now for sale at his online store. You better hurry and go get yours, because only 75 of these are available! and once word gets out about them, they will go fast!

Black shirt, huge white I need to say more?

Half Week Hardcore

I found this video this morning and figured and decided to post it here on Half Week Hardcore. It was shot at a Trapped Under Ice, Cruel Hand, Naysayer and Foundation show. I kinda feel the video is unexplainable, one of those one in a million, had to be there types of things, so just watch.

All jokes aside, here's why these bands are around.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010


Its been snowing here for the past 2 days, some cars can't even move. This weather sucks!

At Both Ends

We are very happy to be part of At Both Ends!

Full magazine and record review coming.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Classic album Re-visited:Stankonia

As promised my re-visiting of Stankonia by Outkast is here. First let me fill you in on my brain thinking about this, i'm gonna go back and listen to classic albums of my life, in their entirety and than decide if the album still stacks up to being called a classic. A couple of ground rules are that these are gonna be albums, that I loved, absolutely loved the shit out of. I haven't listened to the album in the last 5 years, so it's not going to be a album that I listen to all the time now. Now that that's out of the way here we go!

Right of the bat, i'm super excited for the album, the art on the cd is terrific. It starts off with an intro that explains what Stankonia is, it's the place from which all funky things come! First 3 songs are great, "Gasonline Dreams", "So Fresh, So Clean" and "Mrs. Jackson" all still get the head moving. They don't feel 10 years old, so five tracks in and I'm loving it but I remember all of those songs, now it starts to get the part of the album that I don't remember. Songs like "I'll call before I come" and "We luv deez hoez" which I forgot, and now the I listen to them again, I remember why. Not terrible songs, but there's the song's that are great blow these away. Hearing B-Real from Cypress Hill on a song was weird. Having not heard Cypress Hill in years, the sound of his voice threw me for a loop, definately one of the worst songs on the album. Then we get to the the piece de resistance, "B.O.B." by far one of the best songs I've ever heard, and it only has two chunks of lyrics, at about the 2:14 mark, it starts into a repeating verse for the next two minutes. Many songs on the second half of the album are good but not great, but the interludes are funny. So the album as a whole is still good, to many good songs to not be still considered a classic album. One thing that really stuck out is that Andre 3000 is an amazing rapper, absolutely amazing and because of the album "The Love Below" which is full of love songs and more than rapping, I might have forgot how raw and heavy he was. Dropping N-bombs and talking about shooting people in the head isn't what I think about when 3000's name comes up now. Well there you go, "Stankonia" still does the job. Next week I'm going to check out "Live from the Pharmacy" by Guttermouth!


A big Thank You to Jon Chase over at DSTROYR for sending us a nice box filled with goodies that arrived today!

Now what you should do is head over to Out Law Swap Meet, support Jon and pick up some DSTROYR, along with many other great brands!

Thanks again Jon!

Adam Carolla Rules

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Black Metal Liar

Chris over at Truth of a Liar is releasing his first limited t-shirt. I wanted to let anyone that isn't familiar with his blog know that this is being released, and not only should you buy it, you should also check out his blog, it's one of the most interesting blogs I check daily.

So as few have seen but a lot of you have heard, my first limited shirt designed by my boy Drop is set to release first of the month for Truth of a Liar!! I have printed up 75 of these shirts I have dubbed “Black Metal Liar”. I am working on getting the store up and running as we speak. As soon as it is all coded and ready the T-Shirt will be available to purchase for $30.00 CND + $6.50 S&H. However if you don’t want to wait and want one now, feel free to send me an email and I will make arrangements to ship you one asap.

I just wanted to say this is all coming together for me. A dream I always had was to have a blog and put out limited stuff. This dream is becoming a reality finally. I want to make it clear to all that this is and will remain a blog first and foremost. Any shirts or accessories (I have a few cool things in the works) I put out will be on a limited basis and once they are sold out will never be reproduced again. I may do a new shirt every few months or every 6 months, I haven’t really decided yet. I guess it will be all based on your response! Once again I just want to thank Drop, this shirt could not be possible without you’re amazing talent bro.

So without further a due, I present you with my first shirt “Black Metal Liar”

Words by Chris @ Truth of a Liar.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Knock Out Dog Fighting

Just a few minutes ago I found this organization called Knock Out Dog Fighting. This issue hits home with me, as many of you probably know, I have a "Pitbull". What I like most about this organization is not only are they working to end dog fighting, but they're also working to educate people about these dogs. There are too many people out there that would rather have the breed banned in an attempt to end dog fighting and that's clearly not the answer. Check out their website and watch a few of the videos, they've got an impressive list of MMA fighters backing them up.

Dogs Speak Out Against Dog Fighting from For Pits Sake on Vimeo.

The Knock Out Dog Fighting Program from For Pits Sake on Vimeo.

Half Week Hardcore

Ruiner - Two Words

Verse - Story of a Free Man

Have Heart - The Same Son

Life Long Tragedy - Explaining A Feeling

Shai Hulud - Anesthesia

Shai Hulud - Given Flight By Demon's Wings

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Classic Albums: Revisited

Lately I've had a craving for the album "Stankonia" by Outkast, kind of like a smoker needs a cigarette. The album was stolen from my collection 6 or 7 years ago, and at the time it was one of my favorite albums of all time. So I've been thinking about the album lately, which got me to thinking if it held to up time. I've had albums which I went back to several years later and found think to be not as good as remembered, maybe it was the time in my life I was at that made them relevent, or maybe my musical palate has been refined, who knows. I fear that listening to "Stankonia" 10 years after its release will not be kind to my memories of the album as a whole. I know songs such as B.O.B. and Gasoline Dreams are still good, but how about the intros, the interludes and some of the forgotten about songs hold up. So I decided i'm going to go buy the album and sit down and listen front to back and than review it still holds up as a complete album. Hopefully I'll have the review posted up by the end of the week, and than I'll let you know what album I'm going to revist next. In the meantime, heres a little banger for ya'll!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010


This looks awesome. Like "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" with skateboards. I see OG Alex Olson and Rick McCrank, there's probably a lot more cameos as well.

Black Flag Shoppe: Help For Haiti Benefit Show

We're calling out again to any of our fans int the New Jersey/New York area. The Black Flag Shoppe is stepping it up in their support for the people of Haiti. This Sunday they're holding a benefit show featuring some of NJ's best, including our boy Rasheed Chappell. Details are on the flyer below, please donate generously. We would be there if we could.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

At Both Ends: Final Issue

All of the following information can also be found at the At Both Ends website.

Here it is. At Both Ends hardcore magazine is going out with style. After six years of documenting the hardcore world a final issue package has been released that includes a 148-page perfect bound book/magazine along with a double 7” featuring new, exclusive songs from Bane, Grade (yes, Grade!), Unrestrained (ex-Pulling Teeth/Desperate Measures) and Between Earth And Sky (ex-Trial, Catharsis, Strain). The whole package weighs in at about 1.5lbs or 650g. It’s a doozy! The package will start shipping in late November as one 7” is still at the plant.

Included is one 148-page magazine/book that compiles two new issues worth of At Both Ends Magazine and two 7” records with songs from Bane, Grade, Unrestrained (Portland, Oregon) and Between Earth And Sky. Included in the magazine are articles and interviews with Bane, Sick of it All, Verse, Shook Ones, Bill Stevenson, Sparkmarker, Anchor, Shai Hulud, Greg Bennick, Devotion, Wait In Vain, To Kill and a bunch more stuff. This is about as packed as a zine can get. The magazine is perfect bound with glossy pages and colour covers. Printing is similar to a book and is higher quality than pretty much any commercial magazine you would find in a store.

-Track listing for the records:
Bane: Non-Negotiable / Struck Down By Me (re-recorded).
Grade: These Eyes Are On The Exits / Optical Portions.
Unrestrained: Immaculate Deception / Anak Krakatau.
Between Earth And Sky: Skin And Stone / Flow.

-Are these the same Bane songs as on the other 7”s they are putting out?
These songs are exclusive to this release. The Bane songs are not found on any of the other 7”s they are releasing.

-Where do I buy this?
Go to and follow the instructions. Each package costs $13 USD plus shipping. There is a shipping chart to assist you in determining your total cost. If you don’t have Paypal then please email to work out payment.

-Can I get just the records?

-What colours are the records?
Order and find out. If you order three copies you will get all the colours pressed.

-What about wholesale for stores and distros?
Please contact for rates.

There’s already a review of this from Hanging Hex blog:
Well, someone certainly has set the bar higher. I guess if you’re going to go out do it in a way that’s going to make everyone else attempting to publish something in print basically give up. The last two issues of At Both Ends (combined as one gigantic 150+ page zine), a long-running zine based out of Vancouver, really went all out here. This thing looks great (and features the ever hairy Timm Trust of The Helm on the cover!) and features butt loads of content. The interviews are pretty good and drill Verse, Sick Of It All, Shook Ones, Wait In Vain, To Kill, Shai Hulud, Greg Bennick, Anchor, and Dave Larson, among others. To me, the strong suit for this zine has always been all the other content- an exhaustive tour diary of Bane in South America, a retrospective on Sparkmarker and Brand New Unit, a roundtable zine discussion, random tales from various punkers about their favorite places to travel, the process of vinyl mastering, Canadian geography, cryptozoology, science fiction, indie filmmaking, and the city of Tacoma. Pretty random, but completely entertaining. Weak spots are the reviews as they are mostly brief and kind of dated. Otherwise, Steve has laid down an excellent final issue. Oh, did I mention this comes with a double 7” featuring new stuff from Bane, Grade (yeah... Grade), Unrestrained, and Between Earth and Sky? Crazy!

Please visit or email for more information. Thanks a lot!

Mad World

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Black Flag Shoppe: Help For Haiti

If any of our readers and fans are out near BFS, please donate what you can. All the info you need is on the flyer below.

Half Week Hardcore

Cursed - Fatalist

Cursed - Bloody Mary

Weekend Nachos - Scars

Weekend Nachos - Acceptable Violence

Iron Age - We're Dust

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Monday, January 11, 2010

But Life Still Goes On

What's The Time?

Everyone hears this question far too often. You'd think with the vast number of watch companies with styles to match every person and their budget that this question should have died off. I'll admit I haven't worn a watch since around 2004, and before 2001 I barely ever wore one. For a while my mentality was "I have a cell phone that I always have with me, why would I need a watch?". Well, the answer is, to look like a grown up and not a fucking 14 year old. Fortunately for me I got a watch as a christmas present and I can now check my wrist like a normal person and I'll never have to ask what the time is.

I like that it's simple, easy to read, not gigantic and most importantly, it's black. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Monday Moron(s)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rasheed Chappell - Exhibit C

From When Giants Meet:
So let’s bring 2010 on right and dead all other Exhibit C re-dos with homie Rasheed Chappell going in on it. Jay-Z made the death of auto-tune, Rasheed just elevated Exhibit C… and there ain’t no coming down so let’s not even attempt to do another one folks.

Download here.

1080p I'm the highest resolutuion,
The gap between man and god I am evolution.
Lines like this is what makes Rasheed an exceptional MC. I'm officially excited to hear Nostalgia.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Classic Skate Video Parts: Deca (2nd To None) Daewon Song

I watched the shit out of this video back when I first got it. Daewons part always blew my mind...and still does.

This is skateboarding!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Level 26

I've read lots and lots of books in my lifetime, stacks on stacks! A book I got for Christmas that I asked for is called level 26 and it is a very intense book. It is co-written by Anthony Zucker, the creator of the CSI franchise. Not only is the subject matter pretty intense but the artwork in the book, is outstanding and very dark. A quick premise of the book is that there is a serial killer who is so good that they create add another level onto the original 25 levels of killers just for him. He's crazy, intense and believes what he is doing is good, all great traits in a killer bad guy. For some reason lazy killers just don't resonate with the kids. There's only one guy who can catch the killer but he's retired so they give him the good ol' "just one more job" "but i'm done, i'm retired" "but you're the best" So that's the begining of the story. So not only does it have a rad bad guy, unwilling good guy, cool story, awesome art work but it also has a interactive website! So you go to and at certain parts of the book it gives you a code, you go and enter it in the code box and you get little videos of what's going on in the book at that time. It's really neat. Production values on the videos aren't top notch, but they are good, and the acting is decent enough. Also on the site is all sorts of fan submitted videos, most of which are creepy as shit. So head on over there and check it out, check out the book and stay scared.

Half Week Hardcore

Mind Eraser - Live

Converge - Dark Horse

Trapped Under Ice - Live

Cruel Hand - Without a Pulse

Friday, January 1, 2010

Clothes For Care

Jason at Swag Syndicate asked us to participate in his event called "Clothes For Care" which was a clothing drive taking donations for the Orange County Rescue Mission. Ourselves, Ultra, Charlie Noble, JDL, Phormula, BMC, Freshjive, Desired Hearts and a few other brands donated our clothing and Swag Syndicate arranged to drop all of the clothing off. More pictures and a better description are available at Swag Syndicate.

Thanks Jason for allowing us to participate in this event!