Thursday, January 14, 2010

At Both Ends: Final Issue

All of the following information can also be found at the At Both Ends website.

Here it is. At Both Ends hardcore magazine is going out with style. After six years of documenting the hardcore world a final issue package has been released that includes a 148-page perfect bound book/magazine along with a double 7” featuring new, exclusive songs from Bane, Grade (yes, Grade!), Unrestrained (ex-Pulling Teeth/Desperate Measures) and Between Earth And Sky (ex-Trial, Catharsis, Strain). The whole package weighs in at about 1.5lbs or 650g. It’s a doozy! The package will start shipping in late November as one 7” is still at the plant.

Included is one 148-page magazine/book that compiles two new issues worth of At Both Ends Magazine and two 7” records with songs from Bane, Grade, Unrestrained (Portland, Oregon) and Between Earth And Sky. Included in the magazine are articles and interviews with Bane, Sick of it All, Verse, Shook Ones, Bill Stevenson, Sparkmarker, Anchor, Shai Hulud, Greg Bennick, Devotion, Wait In Vain, To Kill and a bunch more stuff. This is about as packed as a zine can get. The magazine is perfect bound with glossy pages and colour covers. Printing is similar to a book and is higher quality than pretty much any commercial magazine you would find in a store.

-Track listing for the records:
Bane: Non-Negotiable / Struck Down By Me (re-recorded).
Grade: These Eyes Are On The Exits / Optical Portions.
Unrestrained: Immaculate Deception / Anak Krakatau.
Between Earth And Sky: Skin And Stone / Flow.

-Are these the same Bane songs as on the other 7”s they are putting out?
These songs are exclusive to this release. The Bane songs are not found on any of the other 7”s they are releasing.

-Where do I buy this?
Go to and follow the instructions. Each package costs $13 USD plus shipping. There is a shipping chart to assist you in determining your total cost. If you don’t have Paypal then please email to work out payment.

-Can I get just the records?

-What colours are the records?
Order and find out. If you order three copies you will get all the colours pressed.

-What about wholesale for stores and distros?
Please contact for rates.

There’s already a review of this from Hanging Hex blog:
Well, someone certainly has set the bar higher. I guess if you’re going to go out do it in a way that’s going to make everyone else attempting to publish something in print basically give up. The last two issues of At Both Ends (combined as one gigantic 150+ page zine), a long-running zine based out of Vancouver, really went all out here. This thing looks great (and features the ever hairy Timm Trust of The Helm on the cover!) and features butt loads of content. The interviews are pretty good and drill Verse, Sick Of It All, Shook Ones, Wait In Vain, To Kill, Shai Hulud, Greg Bennick, Anchor, and Dave Larson, among others. To me, the strong suit for this zine has always been all the other content- an exhaustive tour diary of Bane in South America, a retrospective on Sparkmarker and Brand New Unit, a roundtable zine discussion, random tales from various punkers about their favorite places to travel, the process of vinyl mastering, Canadian geography, cryptozoology, science fiction, indie filmmaking, and the city of Tacoma. Pretty random, but completely entertaining. Weak spots are the reviews as they are mostly brief and kind of dated. Otherwise, Steve has laid down an excellent final issue. Oh, did I mention this comes with a double 7” featuring new stuff from Bane, Grade (yeah... Grade), Unrestrained, and Between Earth and Sky? Crazy!

Please visit or email for more information. Thanks a lot!

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