Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Level 26

I've read lots and lots of books in my lifetime, stacks on stacks! A book I got for Christmas that I asked for is called level 26 and it is a very intense book. It is co-written by Anthony Zucker, the creator of the CSI franchise. Not only is the subject matter pretty intense but the artwork in the book, is outstanding and very dark. A quick premise of the book is that there is a serial killer who is so good that they create add another level onto the original 25 levels of killers just for him. He's crazy, intense and believes what he is doing is good, all great traits in a killer bad guy. For some reason lazy killers just don't resonate with the kids. There's only one guy who can catch the killer but he's retired so they give him the good ol' "just one more job" "but i'm done, i'm retired" "but you're the best" So that's the begining of the story. So not only does it have a rad bad guy, unwilling good guy, cool story, awesome art work but it also has a interactive website! So you go to and at certain parts of the book it gives you a code, you go and enter it in the code box and you get little videos of what's going on in the book at that time. It's really neat. Production values on the videos aren't top notch, but they are good, and the acting is decent enough. Also on the site is all sorts of fan submitted videos, most of which are creepy as shit. So head on over there and check it out, check out the book and stay scared.

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