Thursday, January 21, 2010

Black Metal Liar

Chris over at Truth of a Liar is releasing his first limited t-shirt. I wanted to let anyone that isn't familiar with his blog know that this is being released, and not only should you buy it, you should also check out his blog, it's one of the most interesting blogs I check daily.

So as few have seen but a lot of you have heard, my first limited shirt designed by my boy Drop is set to release first of the month for Truth of a Liar!! I have printed up 75 of these shirts I have dubbed “Black Metal Liar”. I am working on getting the store up and running as we speak. As soon as it is all coded and ready the T-Shirt will be available to purchase for $30.00 CND + $6.50 S&H. However if you don’t want to wait and want one now, feel free to send me an email and I will make arrangements to ship you one asap.

I just wanted to say this is all coming together for me. A dream I always had was to have a blog and put out limited stuff. This dream is becoming a reality finally. I want to make it clear to all that this is and will remain a blog first and foremost. Any shirts or accessories (I have a few cool things in the works) I put out will be on a limited basis and once they are sold out will never be reproduced again. I may do a new shirt every few months or every 6 months, I haven’t really decided yet. I guess it will be all based on your response! Once again I just want to thank Drop, this shirt could not be possible without you’re amazing talent bro.

So without further a due, I present you with my first shirt “Black Metal Liar”

Words by Chris @ Truth of a Liar.

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Chris is a liar said...

wow dudes thanks so much. just saw this.