Friday, March 12, 2010

Garbage Pail Kids

Me and Trevor grew up with Garbage Pail Kids. They were pretty much the best thing our mom could bring us back from the store. They may have been our first introduction to comically gory art. It's too bad we don't still have all the cards. I even have the movie from 1987 on DVD, it's definitely worth a watch if you've never seen.

Just yesterday I was browsing around on tumblr and saw a few Garbage Pail Kids cards and thought I'd look up one for my own name. What I found was nothing less than mind blowing.

Could it be? Is it somehow possible that the card for both my name and my brothers name is the same fucking card?

In my search I did find one more for myself and three for Trevor. My other one sucks, but Trevor's are awesome.

If you're still not convinced that Garbage Pail Kids rule and that you should see the movie, here's the trailer to further convince you. I think you can even watch it all on youtube, you weren't going to work today anyways.

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Chris is a Liar said...

thats so awesome. i would love to do a 80s throwback an see what they had for my name hahaha