Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Max Air

I'm not sure why, but I've never really been into shoes that much. Probably because all through high school I went through a pair a month skateboarding and eventually it got more annoying having new shoes than anything. A lot of people get into streetwear through sneaker collecting. My brother and I happened to get into it through skateboarding more than anything. I've never been very interested in any shoe companies other than skate shoe companies, es, dvs, lakai, circa, fallen. Being involved in streetwear there's really no way to ignore which shoes are coming out and what styles are popular and what not, nothing has ever really caught my eye until I started seeing the Air Max 90s. This last weekend my girlfriend and I were on a mini vacation in Edmonton and my feet were getting very sore walking around the massive West Edmonton Mall all day. We walked through a couple shoe stores and by looking at a few pairs of Air Max's they looked like they'd be way more comfortable than the old Fallens I was wearing at the time. The next day at Haven, they're having a shoe sale, so this has to be a sign right? I decided right then and there to jump into the premium Nike market and buy a couple pairs. Then, not 2 hours later, we found a nike outlet store and I bought one more pair. I don't think I'll ever start buying massive amounts of sneakers, or even start buying them to just collect them. I'm just really excited about being interested in shoes again. I'm already hunting for which ones will be my next pair. Check out what I picked up below.

I'll keep you posted on further purchases.

Note: I'm aware that the second ones aren't Air Max. But Air Max's are the ones I'm most interested in right now.

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