Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fucked Up!

The Polaris Music Prize is given to the musical act from Canada who makes the best complete album, It's much like the Mercury prize in the UK. It's the type of thing that usually goes to singer/songwriter accoustical types who sing about loneliness and heartache. Fortunately sometimes the panel who gives out the prize gets it right. The winners of the 2009 prize is the band Fucked Up, whom are a hardcore act from Toronto. Before this recognition outside of their music they were most known for wreaking havoc at MTV Canada during live apperances. The album the won with "The Chemistry of Common Life" was given great critical praiseon it's release but, after it was choosen for the Polaris prize it was greatly frowned upon by most people in the Canadian artist community. The winner receives $20 000 and in an interview with Jian Gomeshi, on his CBC radio show "Q" they said they would use the money to help record a charity christmas album and also to raise awarness of the great number of native women who go missing in Canada.

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