Sunday, September 13, 2009

Album Review: 3 Inches of Blood - Here Waits Thy Doom

When I heard that the new 3 Inches of Blood album was out, obviously I got a little excited....because it's goddamn 3 Inches of Blood! If you dont know who they are, do your life a favor and go buy there albums, all of them, or at least listen to them on youtube HERE or HERE, I dont care as long as you are listening to them.

So I was reading Mishkas blog the other day, and My Pal the Crook did a review on this same album, after I read his review is when I went and bought it, in my mind after listening to it, what he said about it was perfect! I know no matter what I try to say, it will end up reading the same as his because after reading his I knew what to expect from the album and that is exactly what I got.

This is what My Pal the Crook said:

"My god, there nothing more satisfying then really well done Power Metal? It’s like the first sips of beer on a hot day of hard work.

But don’t you find it cheesy and silly?

Do you find Sci-Fi and/or Fantasy cheesy or silly? Wait… don’t answer that. But why is it musicians can write a billion of songs about breaking-up and being depressed but writing a few songs about witches, demons & Valhalla, set to some bitchin’ riffs is somehow silly to most music snobs!? I call it refreshing escapism… at least when it’s done right. And by god do 3 Inches of Blood do it oh so right.

Here Waits Thy Doom isn’t some revolutionary reinvention of Power Metal… In fact there were times I could have confused this for Manowar or Warlord. But then again that’s exactly how I view the band, as a loving homage to the glory days of NWOBHM and Power Metal, nothing more, nothing less. Here Waits Thy Doom is a step up from the 2007’s Fire Up the Blades as the band seem more inclined to bring things back to the Advance & Vanquish pace and focus on melody. As someone more than slightly disappointed with their last album, it’s a step backwards I’m more than willing to welcome.

As long as you’re not looking for a re-invention of the wheel and you’re fine with songs about fighters of snakes and epic journeys across ice glaciers you’re going to come away with a seriously fun album that once embraced will rarely lend you a dull moment as it barrels through it’s 11 tracks, and you down a beer for each one!"

Once you listen to this album you will understand what I mean.

So do yourself and 3 Inches of Blood a favor and go buy this album!

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