Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Best Shoes of 2009: Derek

This list will be blasphemy to about 90% of the people out there involved in streetwear. Oh well.

This year I started getting into Air Max's, I'm by no means a collector or anything, I just found that I like how they fit me and that they're extremely comfortable to walk in.
The best 2...

That's it for Nike.

Skate shoes are our shit at Single Second. We've both skateboarded since around 1995. I've had love affairs with a couple of brands, you couldn't tell me to buy a different shoe once I was stuck on a brand, until they all eventually started to suck for me (DC, DVS, Lakai, ES, Circa). I still kinda like Circa, but not very much anymore. But one brand that has been solid for me for quite a while now has been Fallen. I like the way pretty much every design fits, and I am partial to their use of a lot of black colorways. So here's a couple of my favorite skate shoes from this year, mostly Fallens.

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