Monday, August 24, 2009

New Things Are Fun!

A long time ago I was on the Monster Energy website, and noticed they had a purple energy drink called anyone that knows me knows how excited I got. I have waited, and waited....and waited until they finally made there way up north to Saskatoon, and today was that day, today is a happy day, I love today, I love Monsters. Period.

So if anyone ever wants to buy and/or send me some free Monsters, you will be my favorite!

Another Story:
About 3 months ago I ordered a 10" QEE Bart Simpson toy. I just came to terms "I got took" because when you order something, and it doesn't show up for 3 months, you lose hope, I lost hope, I also thought I just through away a bunch of money. Then all the sudden, for some reason, it shows up today, awesome!

this thing is awesome

and glows in the dark!

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