Friday, May 15, 2009

Weekend Goofy Skateboard peripheral

For ever Tony Hawks Pro Skater and the rest of the series was the king of the hill as far as skate videogames were concerned.  Looking back on it, it seems like a goofy control scheme, but at the time it was fun as hell.  When EA made Skate, it killed the THPS series, and rightfully so, it's one of the best games i've ever played.  Well Activison went back to the drawing board and they have come back with this

Now I know game specific peripherals have worked, ala Rockband and Guitar Queer-o, but the main difference is that everyone wants to be a rockstar, not everyone wants to be Jerry Hsu. People sing in the shower and play air guitar on the bus, nobody who dosen't skate air kickflips or boardslides in the shower. So people are willing to pay 150$+ for plastic guitars and drums, but I certainly doubt anyones gonna pay 100$ for this thing. It says in the press bio that actual skates will be able to pick it up pretty easily, but as myself, Derek and Trev discussed before, if you are a skater and you want to skate, your not gonna stand on a plastic board, you are gonna go outside and skate. The press release also stated more in depth how the board is used, but the thing seems so useless to me that I could care less to publish that info here.

Afro Samurai thoughts coming tommorow.

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