Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Hundreds: A Tribute to Hardcore

I've been excited for this project for a few months now. The idea of The Hundreds, Benny Gold, Johnny Cupcakes and Flying Coffin doing a collaborative tribute to hardcore series makes me want to buy the whole series without even seeing them. Good thing I don't have, or might not even get to. The first views showed up on High Snobiety today, and along with the previews, the information that these might be released in store only at The Hundreds.

The Hundreds x Johnny Cupcakes

The Hundreds x Chain of Strength

The Hundreds x Benny Gold x Gorilla Biscuits

The Hundreds x CIV (x Bad Brains & Cro-mags?)

The Hundreds x Flying Coffin

Hopefully they decide to release these to their webstore as well so that I can pay for them and get them home and put them on. Either that or pay obscene amounts on ebay, which I'm not about to do. Since the pictures were taken of all larges and they're already out of the plastic and have already been touched, maybe someone at The Hundreds could just send those "used" ones over to me.

Info: High Snobiety

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