Monday, June 1, 2009

Dog Pull Skateboarding

When you have a dog that is really strong and has a lot of energy you have to come up with ways of tiring it out so that they don't start destroying things every chance they get. My dog Cash is exactly that type of dog. The best methods of tiring him out so far have been: chasing a laser pointer (every dog owner should have a laser pointer), using a horse whip with a ball on the end (also known as a "flirt pole") and getting him together with another dog. While those are all excellent activities, they don't allow any real companionship between dog and owner. My good friend Evan recently built up a skateboard with some risers and big soft wheels for his dog to pull him around on and has been enjoying his dog pulling him around for the last couple weeks. I had Cash pull me before on my skateboard, but the speed he can run and my small hard wheels don't mix. This weekend I decided to go out and get a wider deck, some risers and some softer wheels and set up a deck specifically to have Cash pull me around, combining excellent exercise for him and my love of skateboarding.

Here we go.

I almost lost it on the speed wobbles.

Jason Adams "Miller High Life" Enjoi deck, Bones "filming" wheels and Independent Trucks.

Happy dog.

Trevor testing out the ride.

Tired dog.

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