Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend shoe fix!

I bought some new shoes on yesterday so in honor of that I'm making a shoe list, actually I decided to make numerous shoe lists and I'll post one every couple of days. To days list is firsts, so the first time I had a certain type of shoe. Here it goes...

First $100+ pair of shoes.

These are the Nike Air CB4 II.  I got these when I was in grade 8 for playing basketball in.  They had elastic straps underneath the laces to keep your feet extra snug.  Loved these babies for a long time.

First alernate colorway

I got these in grade 9, I was on the freshman basketball team and needed some new shoes for the start of the season. My family went to a wedding in Edmonton, which has the West Edmonton Mall, which is a huge mall. Went in the Footlocker saw theses bad boys and snatched them up, wore them to the wedding then all season. I was walking home from school oneday and had these bad boys in my bag, it was a wednesday and me and a friend and some girls were walking home and long story short I got my ass handed to me be 7 guys, fucked me up pretty good, but kept the shoes. I only hope those dumb fucks who worked me over are living shitty lives and hate themselves.

First 1's

Got these 3 years ago in Banff.  Munsters girlfriend came up to visit him when me and him were living in Calgary.  We decided to make a day trip out to Banff to hang out.  Went to the Footlocker and picked these up.  The salesmen was disapointed cause they were the last ones left in his size and he really wanted them.  Well to bad mister salesmen!

First skate shoes

If you know skate shoes you know the Sal 23's.  Comfy as all hellfuck and clean and sharp all at the same time, just classic skate shoes.  The man who designed them also started Elwood Clothing which made the most comfortable pair of jeans I've ever worn.  

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