Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hell-Week Horrorpunk!

HALLOWEEN EDITION!!! Horrorpunk has had a HUGE influence on our lives here at Single Second. This might turn out to be a long post but I'm going to try to do a brief history of my love with Horrorpunk.

It obviously starts with my favourite band of all time... The Misfits. There are so many songs I could have picked. Leave a comment and tell us your favourite Misfits song.

Next band would have to be AFI. Although never really a horrorpunk band, they were most definitely influenced by The Misfits. Here's them covering Demonomania, and pretty much their best song.

After being obsessed with those two bands I started looking everywhere all over the internet for any band that was horror related. Here are SOME of the best ones I've found.

You would be hard pressed to find a better crooner out there than Nim Vind.

I actually have a tattoo inspired by some of the art in Calabrese's album 13 Halloweens.

Zombeast. Obviously heavily Samhain influenced.

I was always uninterested in these guys based on their name, but once I gave them a listen I was hooked.

And lastly, not as much of a horrorpunk band as the rest, but easily one of my favourite bands ever, Cancerslug blurs the lines between punk, doom, horror, folk and even metal at times.


This one is for all you Elvis fans out there. Best Elvis cover ever.

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