Sunday, April 12, 2009


This weekend we took a little road trip to Edmonton to visit some people and help our aunt move old furniture and make room for new.

A couple Monsters for the drive...I love these!

5 Hours of highway.

We finally get to my aunts house, which is where we are staying for the weekend, she tells us to put our things downstairs and make your self at home...the usual people say when you are visiting....what she didn't tell us is that when we walked downstairs we were gonna get punched in the face by this fine piece of machinery...

With over 100 Arcade games (we are in heaven!)

Just as we see the arcade machine...we turn around to find a six foot screen with projector, surround sound...everything, and lucky us, just in time for Rob Dyrdeks Fantasy Factory!

This is a good night!
After the show, of course we hit the arcade!

I dont know what time we finally got to sleep...but I dont care, the arcade was worth it!

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